What I’ve been up to

I’ve been an editor ever since graduating with a BA (Hons) English and a minor in Creative Writing (Second Class, Upper Division) from Nanyang Technlogical University, Singapore. Mentored by an amazing Humanities and Social Sciences faculty that consisted of theorists, writers and editors, it made my bibliophilia and my love of art the centre of my life.

I’ve been writing, editing and making art ever since I was an undergrad, and continue to do so (trying really hard amidst all the assignments and readings!) while having just completed my MA Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.

So if you were wondering, here’s a condensed list of what I’ve done, and am still doing:

  • Editing
    • Freelance editing for print publications, including periodicals
    • Freelance editing for online content, such as for Insincerely Her
    • Articles, catalogues, stories for Margaret Lawrence Gallery (2017)
    • Copyeditor for Singapore Medical Journal from 2012 to 2015
    • Commissioning Editor for the magazines (Young GenerationScience Spy and So What? published by Marshall Cavendish Education) from 2015 to 2016
    • Freelance editing (ongoing) of ad hoc research papers and projects
  • Writing
    • My new book on text editing—complete with original short stories and explanations (publisher Marshall Cavendish Education)—will be out in 2017.
    • Blogs for geraldineandwords, and The Eloquent Orifice
    • Website copy for The Eloquent Orifice
    • Creative Writing Masterclass series (ongoing) in So What? magazine, published by Marshall Cavendish Education
    • Let’s Be Serious column (ongoing) in So What? magazine, published by Marshall Cavendish Education
    • Poetry, Prose, Academic papers (Lots of my writing can be found either here or here.)
  • Art
    • Drawings and paintings (I also have an Instagram art account, which I promise to update regularly from now on!)
    • Graphic design — company logos; and website design and magazine layouts for The Eloquent Orifice
  • Conducting Creative Writing/Theatre workshops and sessions, such as Verve Community Arts Festival 2012 (some photos from Verve here!)
  • Performing, directing, writing — Theatre and Film
    • Performing in various productions, mostly theatre, such as in National Memory Project (written and directed by Johnny Jon Jon, 2012)

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That’s a quick look at what I have done, and am still up to. Leave me a message if you are looking to collaborate, or simply just want a chat about editing, writing or art!